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Google Analytics
by Mike Law
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Here is a quick and easy way to find some potentially valuable long tail keywords using your Google Analytics data.

Simply log into your Google Analytics account and click on view report under ‘Traffic Sources Overview’
On the bottom right hand side click view full report under ‘Keywords’
Under ‘Traffic Sources’ select search engines and then select Google
I then like to select ’show 500 rows’
Start from the top of the list and copy the term and paste it into Google (leave out any keywords which you know have high competition as we want to focus on low competition only)
Check where you are ranked in Google
If you are ranked in the top 10 then move on to the next keyword. If it’s a very high traffic keyword you may want to try and get into the top 3 but before you attempt that take a look at the competition. If the top ranked pages are PR5 or above and are well optimized for that particular keyword then it could be a challenge to out rank them.
If you are getting 5+ hits a month from a particular keyword and you are on the second page or lower then remember that only 2% of people will browse to the second page of results. So 5 hits a month might not sound like much but by getting on to the first page in Google that number could increase quite dramatically.
Make a list of the keywords, which have potential and the page on your site, which is showing up in Google's results. Try to concentrate on the most targeted keywords which are closely related to your site as traffic from these keywords are more likely to convert into sales. You will be surprised at some of the random keywords you end up getting traffic from over time.
The next step is to check your pages, which are ranking and see if there are is any way of improving on site optimization. In other words is your page well optimized for the keyword it is ranking for or could it be improved? Just be careful not to hurt one keywords rankings for the sake of another’s. Sometimes it is best to create a new page fully optimized around the new keyword rather than trying to change a page, which is already optimized for a different keyword. These are the things I concentrate on when it comes to optimizing a page for specific keywords.
The most important place for keywords is in the title tag of your page. Wordpress, Joomla & Article Dashboard all automatically place the title of an article or post into the title tags of the page so it is crucial to make sure you put your keyword(s) in the title of your posts and articles. The more keywords in the title the less importance each one will have so don’t put too many.
There is debate now over whether keyword density is important but a general rule I follow is to have the keyword twice in the first and last paragraph and once in paragraphs between but I wouldn’t get too hung up on this. Most importantly don't repeat a keyword too many times.
You should also bold your keyword, again some say bold it throughout the page others say only once, I simply bold it once.
Adding an image and putting the keyword in the alt tag will also help with rankings.
Adding meta tags to the page are worthwhile doing, especially a meta description as this is what Google will show in it’s results most of the time, if you leave it empty Google will simply take a section of text from somewhere on your page which includes the keywords searched for.
Although on page optimization is important off page optimization is by far the most important factor when trying to improve rankings. A poorly optimized page with lots of back links will always outrank a well optimized page with few back links and you see this all the time. So don’t spend too much time trying to tweak your pages to improve rankings when that time would be better spent getting back links.
Link to any internal pages from your home page. I am assuming that most people are getting their blogs installed into a directory such as This is actually not ideal because it is one extra step for the search engines to take when spidering your site to get to your blogs content. One quick fix is to add your blogs feed to your main page which will not only help your main site rank well because of the dynamic content but it will also boost your posts in that feeds page rank. It is also best to link to all of your blogs categories from your main page as well.
Take your list of long tail keywords and write an article or get an article written for each. If you want to create a new page on your site targeting that keyword then write a second article and add it to your site.
Then submit your article to Ezine Articles and link to the page on your site that is already ranking and the new page if you created one. Make sure to use the keyword you are targeting as the anchor text. There is a good chance that not only will this boost your sites ranking for that keyword but your article on Ezine Articles should rank well also bringing in more traffic.
You can also build a squidoo lens, hub page and use the many online blogging platforms and site builders a few of which are found in the following list. The more of these you can add content to and have linking back to your main site the better. These are all highly trusted sites by Google, also known as authority sites so any one way links coming from related content is going to really help your main sites rankings.
Once you have submitted content to various places and have links coming back to your site be sure to social bookmark all content using a site like It’s also a good idea to create a page on your site which links to all of your social bookmarking accounts. This will help them to get indexed by Google so that your links which you have bookmarked will be of value. Also a lot of people are getting there accounts banned for only bookmarking their own content so make sure you bookmark other sites content also.

So there you have an effective way to find long tail keywords which you know are generating traffic and to improve your ranking for those keywords which in turn should further increase traffic. If your site is new or you haven’t added a lot of content to it then the best thing to do is install a blog or try my PIPS 2.0 site and start adding keyword optimized content. You can use Wordtrackers free tool found here to find some keyword ideas to get you started.

Oh! And the best thing about this method, it is absolutely free!

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