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September 13, 2017
Form ADV Part 2B


200 Berkeley Street, B-3-6

Boston, MA 02116



Part 2B of Form ADV: 

Brochure Supplement



Item 1           Cover Page

This brochure supplement provides information about  John H. Kaighn  that supplements  Signator Investors, Inc. (“Signator”) brochure (Form ADV, Part 2A and/or Appendix 1.)  You should have received a copy of Signator’s brochure.  Please contact Signator at 1-888-333-3087 if you did not receive Signator’s brochure or if you have any questions about the contents of this supplement.

Additional information about  John H. Kaighn  is available on the SEC’s website at

John H. Kaighn

34 Doe Dr.

Woodbine, NJ 08270

Telephone number: (609) 827-0194

Item 2           Educational Background and Business Experience

 John H. Kaighn has been a Registered Representative of Signator Investors, Inc. since 2016 and an Investment Advisor Representative of Signator Investors, Inc. since 2017.  He was previously registered with Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. from 2009 – 2016.  He has also been the Owner of an independent Registered Investment Adviser firm, Jersey Benefits Advisors, since 1986. He manages client accounts and furnishes investment advice through consultation with clients.  His date of birth is 9/11/1952.

John H. Kaighn has a BA and an MA from Rowan University aka Glassboro State College, and has successfully passed securities registration examinations for the Series 7, 26 & 63. To maintain these registrations, he completes FINRA’s continuing education courses every three years and Signator’s continuing education courses each year.  He has been a registered representative since 1993.

Item 3           Disciplinary Information

Registered investment advisers are required to disclose all material facts regarding any legal or disciplinary events that may affect your decision to do business with John H. Kaighn.  Mr. Kaighn does not currently have any disclosures that are applicable to this requirement. 

Item 4           Other Business Activities

In addition to offering investment advisory services as an Investment Advisor Representative of Signator Investors, Inc. (a Registered Investment Adviser) John H. Kaighn is a Registered Representative of Signator Investors, Inc. and an independent insurance agent who is appointed by numerous insurance companies. John H. Kaighn may receive compensation in the form of commissions in his role as a registered representative and insurance agent.

This may present a conflict of interest because your advisor may have a greater incentive to recommend investment or insurance products based on compensation received.  To address this conflict, Signator conducts reviews of securities transactions in accordance with regulatory requirements, to ensure recommended transactions are suitable.  The goal of Signator is to provide products and services regardless of the potential compensation differential that exists in the policy of financial products and services.

John H. Kaighn conducts securities and investment advisory activities under the trade name Jersey Benefits Advisors.  He is the President of Jersey Benefits Advisors, which is not affiliated with Signator.

John H. Kaighn conducts insurance activities under the trade name Jersey Benefits Group, Inc.  He is the Treasurer of Jersey Benefits Group, Inc., which is not affiliated with Signator.

Item 5           Additional Compensation

John H. Kaighn may receive additional compensation in connection with his attendance at conferences, seminars, sales or training programs, and other trips (such as reimbursement for travel, lodging and meal expenses) and/or in the form of entertainment, merchandise and other benefits for providing advisory services.

Item 6           Supervision

John H. Kaighn is supervised by Signator Investors, Inc. who reviews all suitability notes as provided by each Investment Advisor Representative in regards to appropriately allocating client accounts according to the client’s perceived risk tolerance and investment goals.

The individual responsible for supervising the investment advisory activity of John H. Kaighn  is:

Anthony Petsis

OSJ Manager

Telephone number: (215) 968-6638

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