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Account Management

Detailed information in regard to the management of your portfolio in an account, which ties all of your stocks, mutual funds, bonds, ETF’s, annuities and other investments into one report on a semiannual basis. Confirmations are available on all transactions. Online access is provided through links on this page.

Brokerage Account Features

 Check out the features and benefits provided by the Brokerage Accounts we offer, which include:

·        Consolidated statement which shows all investments including money market funds, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, unit investment trusts, partnerships and brokered CD’s 

·        Daily sweep of idle cash into a money market account

·        Available borrowing power for Margin approved accounts

·        Resource checking services

·        Free ACH transactions from checking to brokerage and from brokerage to checking

·        Electronic funds transfer services

·        Free dividend reinvestment

·        Direct deposit of payroll, social security, pension checks, etc. capturing instant assets

·        Online access to account information (see below)

·        Access to numerous mutual funds from various investment companies

In order to access client information online, current clients need to obtain a password by contacting their Registered Representative, John Kaighn, by clicking the form in the contact us section, email or by calling 609 827 0194.  If you need to make a trade, please call or use the contact us form.

Pershing Only Accounts:  Current Clients View Account Information

Clients with Consolidated Statements: Current Clients View Account Information

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